Budget Trip Andaman

About Andaman

Andaman Islands tourism is an ideal Indian location that meets many of a traveler’s needs. Andaman Tourism provides something for everyone, whether you’re a solitary, family, adventure, or honeymoon visitor visiting the Andaman Islands. The island has grown in popularity among tourists searching for both leisure and adventure excursions in India. Andaman’s underwater experience is highly unique and yet in pristine condition. The many tones of green may be found in the Andaman Islands. Tourism on the islands has increased dramatically in the last two to three years. Andaman tourism will begin to attract foreign visitors after the international airport opens in 2022.

Best Time to Visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The Andaman Islands are a destination that can be visited throughout the year at all seasons; the best time to visit the islands is from October to April.

The climate in the islands during these months is calm and cool. The weather is pleasant and spending some time on the beach cannot get better than this time. This is the time when almost all the water activities are operational at the islands.

During this time the islands will have quite a lot of tourists coming to celebrate the different festivals that fall in this season. Diwali, Dussehra, Christmas, and New Year are the major seasons when the travelers come down to the islands with their kith and kin.

December and January is the best months to visit Andaman and visitors flock into the islands during these months. The reasons why these months are considered best to visit Andaman are because the islands are a lot cooler around this time and all the attractions cum activities are open here. Besides, this season is suitable for people of all ages to visit the islands and have great fun In this period, the islands are usually very busy due to the parties and celebrations.

Apart from the above mentioned months, you can also visit the islands from May to September during the summer-monsoon as well. The islands are less crowded and calmer in this period; it is the time where the islands are at their best. Due to less crowded and calmer you can expect much better discounts for traveling during this part of the year. Expect some rain but that should not impact your tour in the Andaman. Here is our detailed article on travelling to Andaman during May, June, July and August.