Budget Trip Andaman


With its fully air-conditioned interior and high speed, Makruzz is the first catamaran passenger ferry in the Andaman Islands. Catamarans have the advantage of providing ‘high speed’, ‘better stability’, and ‘more space’. With seating capacity of 208 in Premium, 64 in Deluxe, and 8 in Royal, Makuzz is also the first catamaran in the Andaman Islands.

Its interiors, including its seats, are also made of fire-retardant materials. The navigational and communication equipment on board is capable of meeting operational requirements of safe ship handling, receiving meteorological warnings and forecasts, coordinating search and rescue operations, and responding to distress and emergency calls.

There is an international safety standard safety equipment on board, a central announcement system, and the craft’s onboard crew provides personalized service to every guest.

A safety video film demonstrating emergency procedures is shown before departing the vessel. All spaces on the vessel, including the toilets, are fitted with ‘smoke’ and ‘heat’ detectors. Smoking is prohibited on board.


Specifically, Makruzz meets the latest global safety standards for ‘Life Saving’, ‘Fire Fighting’, ‘Navigation’, and ‘Communication’ systems.