Budget Trip Andaman


Another exquisite destination for tourists and travellers in the Andamans, Jolly Buoy Island is 30 kilometres from Port Blair. There are a lot of dry tree trunks scattered along the beach, creating a stunning contrast with the white sands. The ocean across the beach is beautiful and clear, with numerous underwater corals.


As well as the greenest of tropical forests, mangrove swamps, and white sandy beaches on this island, there are also beautiful coral reefs and feathery white sandy beaches. There is a good connection between this island and the other main lands by water as well as boat facilities to and fro. In the southwest, it is located 30 km from Port Blair. A glass bottom boat around the island offers a chance to enjoy the corals underwater without getting soaked.

People planning to visit Jolly Buoy Island should be informed in advance when the island is open for tourists. The island is protected to protect living corals, which is why it is closed at certain times of the year. You should also bring your own packed lunch, food, and water along with something to spread on the sands as well as a change of clothes if you plan to visit Jolly Buoy Island.

Note: Guests are required to carry an ID card to Jolly Buoy/Red Skin Island. Poly bags and plastic items are prohibited on the island. Eatables should be carried in a tiffin/box to avoid inconvenience. Guests must shift water from plastic bottles before departure, as the forest department will supply empty water bottles.

Visiting Timing: 07:30 AM to 13:00 PM