Budget Trip Andaman

Ross & North Bay Island

From the Aberdeen Jetty (in Port Blair), it takes 45 minutes to reach North Bay Beach. Although the beach is continuously subjected to heavy tourist traffic, it remains one of the cleanest beaches in the Andaman Islands. There is also a tall lighthouse overlooking the beach. Near the beach, diving sites offer a rich coral reef structure and a rich array of marine life.


Ross Island served as the administrative center of British rule in Andaman until 1941 when an earthquake destroyed the island. Japanese troops took control of Ross Island during the Second World War.

The first thing you will notice on reaching the island is the Japanese bunkers used during the world war. This island was a typical British colony during the early 19th century. Roads lined with Victorian buildings, British bungalows, grocery shops, bakeries, churches, hospitals, cemeteries, swimming pools, offices, etc.

In order to visit North Bay and Ross Island, you need to get to the water sports complex to board your boat. Some boats go to Ross Island first, while others go to North Bay.

There are many water sports activities in North Bay like Scuba Diving, Sea Walk, Submarine ride, Glass bottom boat ride, and snorkeling.

Lunch can be had at basic eateries in North Bay.

When in North Bay, try at least one of the water activities to catch a glimpse of the rich underwater marine life. Visit the Smritika museum on Ross Island to learn more about the island’s history.

Note: There is an entry fee of Rs 10-30 per person when entering Ross Island and North Bay, which has to be paid directly by the guests and is not included in the package price.

A sea walk, scuba diving, or semi-submarine ride is clearly a better option.