Budget Trip Andaman


It is the ideal place for bird watchers to observe rare migratory birds as well as indigenous birds, which are the island’s attractive feathered residents. Chidiya Tapu has a very exquisitely beautiful beach that attracts a large number of tourists. The spot offers captivating views of sunrises and sunsets. On the one side are dense evergreen forests, while on the other side are stunted hills flanked by mesmerizing beaches.


It is possible to see 46 bird and animal species in the vicinity that are endangered. The mixture of seasonal orchids and other varieties of plants along with the Sylvan Sands and Munda Pahar Beaches provide an exquisite panoramic view. Guests can stay in the forest guesthouse. The forests greet them with a wonderful mellow cacophony of birds.

The thrill loving tourists who visit these parts usually indulge in water sports, snorkelling, and swimming. Chidiya Tapu, located about 25 kilometers from Port Blair, is a popular destination for nature lovers and solitude seekers. The trekking enthusiasts attempt the Mundu Pahad trek while in Chidiya Tapu.

Timing: 3.30 PM to sunset