Budget Trip Andaman


A unique and memorable experience awaits you on this exotic island with its exquisite secluded beaches, mangrove creeks, mud volcanoes, and limestone caves. The experience of the mud volcanoes and limestone caves is so enigmatic that it is worth a peep for those who are adventurous and brave at heart. Limestone cave exploration requires permission from the Andaman Forest Department, and guides are provided.


The journey begins at around 3:00 AM from Port Blair by road through the dense tropical forest until you reach the Jarawa Tribal Reserve entrance.

All vehicles are allowed to pass through the Jarawa Tribal reserve in a convoy by the forest department officials for Baratang. Often, you may see a Jarawa member while passing through the tribal reserve. You will reach Baratang Jetty at the end of this forest journey.


A launch service is available for crossing the sea bay, followed by a breathtaking fibre boat ride through a fascinating mangrove drive, leading to the starting point of the limestone cave trek.

Following the trek through dense forest, you will arrive at the limestone cave. Made up of the mineral calcite (calcium carbonate), the cave contains beautiful cave formations. After lunch, you will proceed to the Mud Volcano, one of the rarest natural wonders.

Return back to Port Blair via the same route after your journey.