Budget Trip Andaman


Port Blair is a burgeoning city, not unlike many other smaller Indian cities. Though it doesn’t possess the same beauty as the rest of the Andamans, its waterfront has been embellished somewhat. It comprises people from all over India and may be envisaged as a microcosm of India void of any regional or religious discords. Apart from Cellular Jail, there are also various places of historical importance such as Ross Island, Barren Island (home to the only active volcano) and more that can be explored in a weeklong trip. If you are looking to go on day trips, destinations like Wandoor and Ross Island are worth checking out!



Founded in 1883, the Chatham Saw Mill is Asia’s Oldest Saw Mill still in operation today. It is named after the island Chatham where it is located, which is connected to Port Blair by a bridge. It is the gateway to Mt Harriet and other smaller islands like Bambooflat and Hope Town.

Every day except Mondays, the Saw Mill and the museum inside are open to the public from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Artifacts about the island, flora and fauna, as well as information about how the mill was built over a century ago can be found in the small museum within the mill complex. There are many intricately carved and aesthetically designed items made from Padauk Wood on display, such as a preserved dolphin, an old mariner’s compass, and a sea cow’s skull.


In addition to providing useful insights into the Andaman’s ecosystems, tribal communities, flora, and fauna, this museum is operated by the Indian Navy. In addition to hawksbill turtle shells recovered from poachers, a young blue whale skeleton washed ashore on Kamorta Island in the Nicobars.


Anthropology provides a comprehensive and sympathetic portrait of the indigenous tribes on the islands. There will be geometric patterns etched in a Jarawa chest guard, a skull left in a Sentinelese lean-to, an Andamanese shell waist girdle, and shamanic sculptures representing Nicobarese spirits. Different tribes of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands constructed huts in the forests.


Sagarika Emporium, run by the Industries Department, should be your go-to for shopping at Port Blair. Their collection features items like Sea Shell products, wooden showpieces, Pearl ornaments and locally grown spices. It may be confusing to identify the Government-run Emporium as there are many private outlets that are named after it with slight variations in spelling in order to avoid a legal tiff. The key is that Sagarika Emporium is co-located with Khadi Gramodyog Outlet in one building. This Government-owned shop offers the finest Conch and seashell products on Andaman Island. They also have a sales outlet at the airport with their city store’s same prices.


A fisheries aquarium in the water sports complex houses many rare species of fish found in the Andaman sea, as well as a seafood restaurant.